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Safety Matting In The Sports And Leisure Industry

Safety Matting In The Sports And Leisure Industry

Safety Is Key

The UK is renowned for having one of the largest selections of gyms, health clubs and spas, there are so many to choose from and it’s great to know that there is a lot of thriving businesses in our country.

Managing a business in this market sector is something that requires a lot of resilience and hard work, cleanliness and great service is prized above all and it takes a lot of work to maintain an environment that delivers on these points.

One of the main areas that needs to be constantly looked at is making sure any areas where there is potential for slipping and tripping has a solution installed to ensure your customers remain safe.

Coming up to Christmas where bookings are much more likely to increase and therefore so will footfall which means that safety is even more important.

Prime Areas Of Concern

Several areas that are typically found in the sports & leisure industry need to be considered as higher risk areas in terms of slipping and tripping, the number one area we always focus on is obvious, close proximity to water.

Clearly it goes without saying that the closer you are to the source of water or moisture the chances of slipping are higher, especially when you are close to areas such as a swimming pool, sauna or hot tub as well as changing room areas are all typical examples of this.

Solutions To Consider

There are several kinds of matting available for this purpose and they are all designed specially for the kind of environment where people are most likely to be walking around in bare feet.

Obviously when you don’t have any shoes or socks on your feet are a lot more sensitive to the surface they come into contact with, they are also susceptible to slipping so its important that the barefoot matting is both comfortable and slip resistant.

Entrance/Reception Areas

The entrance area to any place of business is arguably the most important area, for two main reasons: 

  • Image 
  • Dirt control

Proper poolside matting in these areas will ensure any dirt or moisture that will be coming in through the door will be removed and contained, this makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the building and will improve the overall image.

You can also make a big impact by having a logo printed on your entrance mat this ensures that you have a strong image and it gives a great professional look.

Changing Areas

In any changing area there is always likely to be moisture on the floor especially closer to the shower areas. This makes the floor slippery especially as quite a few people are walking around in bare feet, this makes proper anti-slip matting even more important.

Safety Matting Supplies offer a wide range of matting products that offer a solution in every area of your business.

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Dirt Control in The Shopping Centre

Dirt Control in the Shopping Center

There’s a lot of things to consider when building or renovating a shopping centre, but the real challenge comes when your job is to attend to the day to day facility needs. A lot needs to be considered in several areas. Safety and good management of all these areas is important.

  • Entrance areas

Footfall is always considerably heavier at the entrance way of a shopping centre, and being in a concentrated area this is one of the prime areas where the correct entrance matting needs to be installed, the main reason for this being that this is the first point of contact when dirt & moisture from outside meets the internal areas of the centre, proper self-drainage or scraper matting will remove any dirt and moisture from peoples feet.

  • Car Parking areas

Not as much dirt comes from the car parking areas but it can still be a source of dirt that will inevitably enter the shopping centre. 

Good contract entrance matting can also be fitted at the connecting walkways from the car park to the centre which will control this.

Also, this will minimise the amount of moisture that come onto the stair ways which are typically painted concrete and notoriously slippery when they are wet.

  • General internal areas

Often these areas are tiled and can become slippery when wet, this is always a concern especially from a safety aspect, no business or institution wants to be responsible or potentially liable for any accidents resulting from a wet or muddy floor.

It is a great idea to have some loose lay cheap matting (with a slip resistant backing) that is set close to the initial entrance matting because the initial contact with the first area of entrance matting often doesn’t remove all of the dirt from foot wear or wheels from trolley or pushchairs.

  • Toilets – bacteria control (particularly underneath hand-dryers)

It is very common to see matting in or around the toilet or changing rooms areas, toilets are notorious for having much higher areas of bacteria for obvious reasons, the nylon matting that is often used is a porous fabric and will often have bacteria transferred onto its surface, regularly laundering of these mats is particularly important or even better install a solid nitrile rubber.

 Not to mention the areas that aren’t in the public eye. 

  • Private Staff working and walking areas 

All shopping centres have offices, staff recreational quarters such as canteens or locker rooms, control rooms/boiler rooms and these all their own potential risk areas. A good quality multi-purpose floor covering can be used for these flooring areas as well as a range of other hygienic & easy to clean matting solutions.

Areas of not in terms of hazard are walkways and staff entrances or side doors, access to bin rooms which could result in dirt and moisture being walked or wheeled in.

  • Rooftop areas.

Sometimes can be made from felt or TPO materials which can be ripped or damaged when walked on, especially if a stone or olds crew of fixing is left there from maintenance and its stepped on, which could result in leaks and much larger repair bills, invest in anti-slip matting and this will also protect the roofing areas at the same time.

Safety Matting Supplies have a wide range of cheap matting, slip resistant matting and hygienic matting that will suit every need, there is a wide selection of single mats and contract entrance matting rolls which can be cut and installed to most areas.

We also provide a free sample and quotation service backed up by a nationwide fitting service.

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The Importance of Investing in Safety – Anti-Slip Matting

The Importance of Investing in Safety - Anti-Slip Matting

HSE – Key figures for Britain 2017/2018

  • 30.7 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury
  • £15 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions (2016/17)

Both significant and minor injury together contribute to almost 25% of slips and tripping incidents in the UK food & drink sector alone! HSE reports that slipping & tripping is the most common kind of work accident overall.

Added to that figures show that 90% of slippage incidents happen as a result of a wet floor from water or food waste. That is only a few examples, it makes total sense to invest in measures that prevent these incidents occurring wherever possible!

Remember accidents aren’t something you can take back, just a few milliseconds and your life could be changed forever.

Not to mention the potential settlement or legal action pay-out that follows!

Unfortunately, things like adequate floor matting seem to be viewed as a luxury or something that’s nice to have, almost like a decoration that looks good or alloy wheels on your car!

I think it’s fair to say that we have all been in a situation where a shortcut has been taken and in hindsight, regretted it later, I certainly have!

When it comes to business and especially if you have employees it becomes even more important to ensure their health and safety is a priority.

Not only do your workers come in everyday knowing they’re coming to a safe environment, they will also respond positively when investment has been made in their well-being and therefore flourish.

When choosing anti-slip matting for your work areas its important to think about several factors the most important 2 questions you should be asking are:

What activities are happening in the area I where I need to put anti-slip matting?

What conditions/substances will any matting be subject to?

  • Water, standing moisture
  • Oil, Chemicals, Acids
  • Food waste, processing fluids
  • Engineering waste, hot metals shards, off cuts
  • Electrical static build-up

The above are the most common examples we deal with on a daily basis. Anti-Slip matting solutions are available to meet all these working conditions, there is many options and sizes/colours available, in both roll & cut format.

It is also a great way to give your business establishment a professional and sleek image, if you have client visits this will show them you take safety and well-being of your staff seriously, this is always a great impression to leave with them.

Slip-Resistant matting can be used in your entrance, connecting walkways and production/machine operating areas to mention only a few areas.

Remember slippage incident can happen anywhere at any time so its important to do a risk assessment of where these risk areas are most likely to be.

Our company mission is to change how its viewed and suggest to business owners or decision makers that it should be viewed as a vital addition to any workplace, it should be all part of the investment decisions you make for your business!

So, take a more serious look at how you change your views on workplace safety, which ways could you invest to ensure any worker in your establishment is operating in the safest environment.

There are numerous anti-slip matting solutions available in our standard range as well as bespoke size/colour options as well

Take a look at our range of slip resistant matting. Alternatively you can call or send us an email, we have a trained team who are dedicated to making sure you get the help and advice you need.

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How to Choose Entrance Matting?

How to Choose Entrance Matting?

The entrance way to your premises can make a big impact on your clients, business associates and even employees. Besides choosing stylish entrance matting that looks top class, you also need to make sure the matting is slip resistant and durable. Here’s a guide to choosing the right entrance matting for your office.

The Right Size

If floor management and carpet care is your concern, be sure to get an entrance matting in the correct size. Yes, an adequate entrance mat will ensure soil is trapped and your office or commercial space floors and carpets are safe. 

Entrance matting is available in all sizes, we can provide cut rolls or modules and even cut to size/Per Sq Metre to suit any commercial situation. Talk to our experts to find the right size for your workplace.

Keep in Mind the Foot Traffic Load

In addition to getting the measurements right, you must consider the foot traffic load too. Different mats are designed to handle different traffic loads. Be sure to choose the right entrance mat after evaluating the foot traffic load entering your facility.

Climate Conditions

The winter months can bring in a lot of snow and the rain make mud and wetness an everyday story. Depending on where your facility is located, you need entrance mats that restrict the mud and grime at the entrance and keep the interior clean. Choose entrance matting keeping mind the climate conditions for your area. 

Select Facility Specific Matting

You need to select specific entrance matting keeping in mind the premises where it will be used. Matting that is appropriate for a hospital will not work in an industrial facility. Similarly, you need to choose entrance matting that will be right for your commercial building.

Use Appropriate Scraper Mats

Entrance mats will work best when you use them in sync with the right sized scraper or wiper mats. Extra wiper mats will help trap loose soil on shoe bottoms. This will increase the life of the entrance mats.

Trust Safety Matting Supplies for Quality Entrance Matting 

Safety Matting Supplies is your one stop solution for entrance matting. Call us for a discussion to help you choose the right entrance mats for your premises. Our expert team will only be too happy to come over for an inspection and help you choose from a wide range of mats or customise for you with your company logo. Call us now.

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Why is Entrance Matting Vital In Your Workplace?

Why is Entrance Matting Vital In Your Workplace?

Everyone knows that dirt control at the entrance of any building is an ongoing concern and there’s a constant need to be correctly advised to find quality matting solutions which have been designed and manufactured with that end in mind.

Dirt and Moisture are the most common reasons for any dirt build-up in any work premises, not to mention any wet or slippery floors that could easily create a greater risk of slips and trips. This is where you need entrance matting that will help maintain the dirt build up in your premises.

How Do I Choose the Correct Entrance Matting?

Correct Sizing

Why is Entrance Matting Vital In Your Workplace?

Managing and caring for the state of your floors and is always a legitimate concern so you need to ensure you choose entrance matting that fits the space you’ve chosen properly.

This will allow the mat to carry out its dirt control function with maximum impact and this also ensures dirt and moisture on the floors further inside is kept to a minimum which means the working environment is safer.

Calculate Traffic Flow

On top of making sure the sizing is correct you need to think about what kind of foot traffic your entrance is typically subject to, there’s all different kinds of matting some is designed for heavy foot traffic areas and others for light traffic walking spaces, also take into consideration delivery carts or trolleys that may be passing over this area.

Weather Conditions

Wintry weather will obviously come with snow and rain which creates a lot of mud, grit and grime on a daily basis. It’s really important that you choose the correct entrance mats that can deal with these kind of weather situations. Depending on there your facility is located this can vary in importance. Always choose matting mindful of the typical climate in your area.

Choosing the Right Scraper Mats

The best way to get a proper result with entrance mats is to buy several so the dirt and moisture removal can be done in stages or if your budget does not extend to this then you can buy an entrance mat with scraper elements incorporated into the mat itself which will remove dirt from the shoes and

Entrance mats will work best when you use them in sync with the right sized scraper or wiper mats. Extra wiper mats will help trap loose soil on shoe bottoms. This will increase the life of the entrance mats.

The correct entrance matting should always be considered as a worthwhile investment. It will significantly reduce your cleaning budget as well as helping to avoid any possible litigation or legal action from any slips or trips that happen in your workplace, in an increasingly litigatious world the threat of this is becoming more common.

Having the correct entrance matting is a great way to offer a smart and professional look to anyone who may be entering your building and it leaves a great first impression, and you know what they say, the first impression is the one you remember.

There is also an option of having a logo jet printed onto your entrance mat this adds to the impact and promotes your brand image, this means your entrance matting is constantly acting as a marketing tool automatically, this proves how much of an investment the correct entrance matting really is.


When they are provided in roll format these entrance matting products can be fitted to the relevant area using a number of methods.

If the mat is being fitted into a matwell, once on site and delivered, often it will need to be cut to size using a knife and then glued or just dropped in place.

Some of our scraper mat rolls have an aluminium strip, you will need an angle grinder to cut and fit

Some of the products however are provided with a gripper rubber backing which means they can be laid directly onto the sub floor surface and this special backing will ensure they stay in place even when walked on so they can operate to full effect.

Loose lay mats will generally be provided with a rubber edging as standard, some of these mats also have a retro fitted edging option in either PVC or Aluminium depending on the area which the mat will be situated.

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What Does REACH Compliance Mean & How Does It Apply To The Workplace?

What Does REACH Compliance Mean & How Does It Apply To The Workplace

It is very important that any anti-fatigue matting products are made and formulated in a responsible way, REACH compliance is a piece of government legislation which was released over a decade ago and we have a responsibility to make sure any products potentially affected by this are manufactured with alternative products.

The REACH compliance legislation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) was created by the European Union in 18 December 2006 and it covers the manufacturing and using of chemicals and their potential effects on human health and environmental damage.

This piece of legislation in particular looks at the continual use of chemicals of very high concern (SVHC) because of the possible causes that this could have on any area of the environment or harm that could be caused to humans.

All matting products that are clearly marked REACH compliant means that no chemicals under the SVHC listing have not been used in the manufacturing of these matting products.

So, you can always have peace of mind that any anti-fatigue matting products have been made properly and your colleagues or employees will be using the best product for the job and their health and well being is being taken into consideration at the same time.

A lot of effort has been put into ensuring these products are safe is not the only thing that’s considered, the anti-fatigue mats are also well developed and perform brilliantly giving the best performance and any of the chemicals that have been substituted to meet REACH compliance doesn’t mean that the matting products are inferior in any way.

These products are used all over the world in so many different applications, they’re very versatile and offer great and effective support in so many different scenarios and anti-fatigue matting has been scientifically proven to support users and significantly reduce fatigue 

This makes sure that anyone who uses these anti-fatigue products are much more effective at doing their job, that means less mistakes and your company runs smoothly.

Also, these mats are brilliant for softening any noises or vibrations that might happen in say an engineering or repair workshop area for example and if any tools or parts that are potentially expensive happen to be accidentally dropped the mat will act as a cushion and protect any of these items from any damage, nothing worse if an important part or a valued tool gets damaged and you have to re-order, which means the job takes even longer!!

So that’s several indirect positive attributes of investing in these products, there’s no good reason NOT to have these anti-fatigue matting products in your place of work.

These mats are available in long roll/runner lengths and also single mat versions, even large floor areas can be covered, there’s even a yellow edged option which promotes work safety and defines walkways, yet another great feature!!

We offer Free Samples on all our Anti-Fatigue matting products and a Next Day Delivery

And just to top it all off we also offer a nationwide project fitting services when cutting and positioning is needed to make sure everything is placed properly for effective usage.

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Our Single Entrance Mats

Single Entrance Matting for Shop & Business Doorways

Safety Matting Supplies are aware that most of the time our valued customers want a smaller single mat to use in their entrance areas to control any dirt and grime, we know that the job of dirt control at the entrance of any building is a constant concern and our customers need a reliable supplier that can offer quality solutions which have been designed and manufactured with that end in mind.

All of the single mats available in our range from budget options to higher end contemporary options, regardless of where the product features on the budget spectrum you can be assured that they all have been designed and produced to offer a superior ability to remove and retain any dirt, grime or moisture.

These are the most common reasons for any dirt build-up in any work premises, not to mention any wet or slippery floors that could easily create a greater risk of slips and trips, all of our single entrance matting products have been particularly designed to ensure that these risk factors are avoided.

A valid point to mention is that your cleaning budget will be significantly reduced by investing in any of these single entrance mats, therefore all of the single mats on our extensive range should be considered as an investment to your company,

This is also a way to ensure that you avoid any potential legal action or litigation from any accidents that could occur in your place of work, in a world where legal action or litigation for any accidents is getting increasingly likely.

Also another established factor on having the right single entrance mat is that it’s a great way to offer a professional and coherent look to any person that may be coming into your business premises at any time,

This is all about giving a great and lasting first impression and as knows, the first impression is the most important and lasting one of all.

Safety Matting Supplies have a dedicated range of logo mats that will add to the professionalism of your mats and increase the impact of that first impression so that anyone entering your building will be even more impressed, this is also a great way to promote your company logo which is your brand, which as everyone knows is a very important thing to do, this is a great way of delivering that.

A single logo entrance mat can be used as a long-lasting promotion of your brand without you having to do anything at all, this is another perfect example of why any mats, especially a logo mat should be considered as solid and worthwhile investment.

All of the single entrance mats that have been handpicked and incorporated into our range for a very good reason and this to make sure they offer a durable, lasting and effective solution for dirt and moisture removal/collection, when these products are designed and formulated they reach the manufacturing stage with our complete peace of mind that they will be made to offer that solution without any problem at all.

All kinds of materials have been located and sourced responsibly and then included in the forming and manufacturing process with the certainty that they will be a vital factor in producing entrance matting which perform as well as any single entrance mat can.


Safety Matting Supplies make sure that all of the single entrance mats we have included in our range have been designed to make sure cleaning and maintaining your internal floor walkway areas is as easy as it possibly can be.

The proper entrance mat solution will offer effective dirt and moisture entrance control – this will have a cumulative effect throughout your whole building and this in turn will have a positive effect on your budget that’s been set for cleaning of the premises.

All our single entrance mats are specially designed to scrape and take away any dirt/moisture from any foot traffic or any other delivery sack trucks/trolleys.

Safety Matting Supplies have also added some products to our range which are carefully and properly designed to offer the special feature of removing and retaining dirt underneath the matting area, therefore any stones, dirt or grit, can be simply sucked up and disposed of using a vacuum cleaner.

These design features are an especially valuable and important asset when its wintry or snowy weather. This also works as an especially effective solution rather than having to clean that same dirt up from a larger floor are that would have been walked around had no entrance matting been in place.


Our single entrance mats are all designed to be easily situated in the best place for the space you need to cover, mostly the single entrance mats in our range are designed to be simply removed from the carton they are delivered in and dropped in place.

Sometimes however if the mat is being dropped into a mat well it may on certain occasions need to be cut around the edges to be fitted perfectly.

This cutting can be achieved easily by using a craft/packing knife or if there is an incorporated aluminium strip you may need to use an angle grinder to effectively cut and fit the entrance mat.

Added to this most of our single entrance mats have a specially designed gripper backing which ensures that they will stay in place even when they’re being constantly used, this is an important feature as the entrance mat will only operate effectively if it stays in the correct area


All of the single entrance mats we currently offer in our range have all been rigorously tried and tested to make completely sure that they comply with the relevant standards, any details on testing or and certificates are available on request or will be featured on our web-page


We make sure that most of our single entrance mats are issued with a manufacturers guarantee, we see these assurances as a mark of how seriously we take all the development and forming of all of the products in our range and also as a commitment to you, our valued customer.

Any questions or requirements you have that you might want to discuss don’t hesitate to email or call us.

You can also use the Live Chat feature on our website, there will always be an agent right there to help you whenever you need it.

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5 Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting at the Workplace

5 Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting at the Workplace

5 Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting at the Workplace

Your employees spend a major part of their days at your workplace. It is your responsibility and duty to make your office as comfortable as possible. Preventing injuries and reducing fatigue at your workplace is something that you can easily manage with anti-fatigue matting. Here’s how.

Reduce Risk of Slipping

If your employees tend to stand a great deal at work and also continuously move about, there is always the risk of tripping and slipping. Barefoot and wet areas can also cause injuries as well sore feet. Anti-fatigue matting has a ribbed surface that prevents trips, slips and other fall injuries.

Reduced Foot Pressure and Lower Back Pains

Anti-fatigue mats have cushioned rubber properties. These mats help in reducing the pressure from heel to ground contact. They also help in reducing the pressure that’s produced owing to the vertical weight on the body when in standing position.

Anti-fatigue mats are also extremely beneficial in reducing lower back pains and joints stiffness. You can reduce a lot of pain-related problems with multi-purpose anti-slip workplace matting. Get them for your employees today.

Maintain Good Posture

These days, a lot of importance is given to maintaining good posture and correcting bad posture. Anti-fatigue matting is designed to reduce the stress produced on the muscles and joints.

These anti-fatigue mats help you to maintain good posture, while allowing blood to flow more freely thereby reducing circulatory problems to a great extent. This means your employees can look forward to a healthy work atmosphere.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Relieving tension and alleviating the muscles in the back are added benefits you can get from anti-fatigue matting. Anti-fatigue mats provide a cushioned surface that support the muscles and help in reducing energy consumption. Your colleagues can look forward to a cheerful and healthy workplace.

Increased Productivity

You will find that anti-fatigue mats are also great for improving comfort levels and concentration levels. You can reduce and prevent possible accidents. You will find your employees and colleagues noticing an increase in productivity too. Now, isn’t that what you always wanted for your office and office-workers?

Buy Quality Anti Fatigue Matting

Safety Matting Supplies provides high quality industrial matting products that are aimed at creating a better workplace for our clients’ employees and utmost customer satisfaction.

Looking for matting supplies that are slip-resistant, anti-fatigue, multi-purpose and useful for barefoot and wet areas? Your one stop solution is Safety Matting Supplies. Call us now.