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Dirt Control in The Shopping Centre

There’s a lot of things to consider when building or renovating a shopping centre, but the real challenge comes when your job is to attend to the day to day facility needs. A lot needs to be considered in several areas. Safety and good management of all these areas is important.

  • Entrance areas

Footfall is always considerably heavier at the entrance way of a shopping centre, and being in a concentrated area this is one of the prime areas where the correct entrance matting needs to be installed, the main reason for this being that this is the first point of contact when dirt & moisture from outside meets the internal areas of the centre, proper self-drainage or scraper matting will remove any dirt and moisture from peoples feet.

  • Car Parking areas

Not as much dirt comes from the car parking areas but it can still be a source of dirt that will inevitably enter the shopping centre. 

Good contract entrance matting can also be fitted at the connecting walkways from the car park to the centre which will control this.

Also, this will minimise the amount of moisture that come onto the stair ways which are typically painted concrete and notoriously slippery when they are wet.

  • General internal areas

Often these areas are tiled and can become slippery when wet, this is always a concern especially from a safety aspect, no business or institution wants to be responsible or potentially liable for any accidents resulting from a wet or muddy floor.

It is a great idea to have some loose lay cheap matting (with a slip resistant backing) that is set close to the initial entrance matting because the initial contact with the first area of entrance matting often doesn’t remove all of the dirt from foot wear or wheels from trolley or pushchairs.

  • Toilets – bacteria control (particularly underneath hand-dryers)

It is very common to see matting in or around the toilet or changing rooms areas, toilets are notorious for having much higher areas of bacteria for obvious reasons, the nylon matting that is often used is a porous fabric and will often have bacteria transferred onto its surface, regularly laundering of these mats is particularly important or even better install a solid nitrile rubber.

 Not to mention the areas that aren’t in the public eye. 

  • Private Staff working and walking areas 

All shopping centres have offices, staff recreational quarters such as canteens or locker rooms, control rooms/boiler rooms and these all their own potential risk areas. A good quality multi-purpose floor covering can be used for these flooring areas as well as a range of other hygienic & easy to clean matting solutions.

Areas of not in terms of hazard are walkways and staff entrances or side doors, access to bin rooms which could result in dirt and moisture being walked or wheeled in.

  • Rooftop areas.

Sometimes can be made from felt or TPO materials which can be ripped or damaged when walked on, especially if a stone or olds crew of fixing is left there from maintenance and its stepped on, which could result in leaks and much larger repair bills, invest in anti-slip matting and this will also protect the roofing areas at the same time.

Safety Matting Supplies have a wide range of cheap matting, slip resistant matting and hygienic matting that will suit every need, there is a wide selection of single mats and contract entrance matting rolls which can be cut and installed to most areas.

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