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How Does Anti Fatigue Matting Work?

Looking for a worthwhile investment for your workplace as you seek to get the most out of your employees?

Believe it or not, the solution is lying right at your feet.

Or rather, it will be, if you choose to make that investment with our lovely team here at Safety Matting Supplies!

As our name suggests, we’re talking mats, and whilst you think matting is more about the safety and not so much about the health, you’d be wrong. Here’s why.

We’ve got a truly unique range of specialist Anti Fatigue Matting on offer. It’s increasingly popular, because it offers a surprising number of physical health benefits for shop floor workers. The main one is that on a standing surface, our mats can significantly reduce pressure on standing joints, legs and feet. This is music to the ears (and feet) of those who spend their working day standing in stationary spots for most of their duties, such as factory workers and shop assistants.

If your employees are healthy, they’re happy. And if your employees are happy, they’ll work more effectively. So, investment in our Anti Fatigue Matting is great news for them, great news for you, and great news for your business.

Of course, whilst our Anti Fatigue Matting provides all those benefits as part of their key features, let’s take a minute to explore all the other benefits that you and your employees will be getting as standard with any of our safety matting on offer here at Safety Matting Supplies!

Whilst reducing injury and absence through impact, our Anti Fatigue Matting also minimises workplace accidents caused by slips and trips on the shop floor. Not only does this reduce any admin you have to undertake (we know you’re busy enough already) but it also decreases the amount of downtime, sick leave and compensation claims/pay-outs that go hand in hand with workplace accidents and injuries. 

Whilst we can happily brag all day about our Anti Fatigue Matting, none of this is soft and squidgy. There’s research and indeed science behind (and beneath) our product. Research has shown that when a person is standing still or in a similar position for 40 minutes or longer, blood flow to the feet becomes restricted. On a short-term level, this causes pain and discomfort, but prolonged over a period of time? That’s when real issues start taking root. 

Still on the fence? Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. When was the last time your feet hurt as a result of the environment you were in? Long walk to catch the train? Standing around in shopping centres waiting for your other half to try on clothes? Trying to recapture your youth at a gig? Remember the pain, and remember how it took away your ability to concentrate on whatever it was you were trying to do? Are your employees really going to do their best for you if they’re suffering in a similar way – and as a result from standing up all day in the place you employ them?

Our Anti-Fatigue Matting is specifically designed to make the feet and body subconsciously sway ever so slightly, so that blood can keep flowing effectively. This reduces pain, swelling, and fatigue on the feet and legs. 

So, if you’re employing kitchen workers, receptionists, machine workers, parcel pickers & packers, production line workers, pharmacy workers or even casino croupiers and dealers… you need to go ahead and put yourself in their shoes.

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