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How to Choose Entrance Matting?

The entrance way to your premises can make a big impact on your clients, business associates and even employees. Besides choosing stylish entrance matting that looks top class, you also need to make sure the matting is slip resistant and durable. Here’s a guide to choosing the right entrance matting for your office.

The Right Size

If floor management and carpet care is your concern, be sure to get an entrance matting in the correct size. Yes, an adequate entrance mat will ensure soil is trapped and your office or commercial space floors and carpets are safe. 

Entrance matting is available in all sizes, we can provide cut rolls or modules and even cut to size/Per Sq Metre to suit any commercial situation. Talk to our experts to find the right size for your workplace.

Keep in Mind the Foot Traffic Load

In addition to getting the measurements right, you must consider the foot traffic load too. Different mats are designed to handle different traffic loads. Be sure to choose the right entrance mat after evaluating the foot traffic load entering your facility.

Climate Conditions

The winter months can bring in a lot of snow and the rain make mud and wetness an everyday story. Depending on where your facility is located, you need entrance mats that restrict the mud and grime at the entrance and keep the interior clean. Choose entrance matting keeping mind the climate conditions for your area. 

Select Facility Specific Matting

You need to select specific entrance matting keeping in mind the premises where it will be used. Matting that is appropriate for a hospital will not work in an industrial facility. Similarly, you need to choose entrance matting that will be right for your commercial building.

Use Appropriate Scraper Mats

Entrance mats will work best when you use them in sync with the right sized scraper or wiper mats. Extra wiper mats will help trap loose soil on shoe bottoms. This will increase the life of the entrance mats.

Trust Safety Matting Supplies for Quality Entrance Matting 

Safety Matting Supplies is your one stop solution for entrance matting. Call us for a discussion to help you choose the right entrance mats for your premises. Our expert team will only be too happy to come over for an inspection and help you choose from a wide range of mats or customise for you with your company logo. Call us now.