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Our Single Entrance Mats

Safety Matting Supplies are aware that most of the time our valued customers want a smaller single mat to use in their entrance areas to control any dirt and grime, we know that the job of dirt control at the entrance of any building is a constant concern and our customers need a reliable supplier that can offer quality solutions which have been designed and manufactured with that end in mind.

All of the single mats available in our range from budget options to higher end contemporary options, regardless of where the product features on the budget spectrum you can be assured that they all have been designed and produced to offer a superior ability to remove and retain any dirt, grime or moisture.

These are the most common reasons for any dirt build-up in any work premises, not to mention any wet or slippery floors that could easily create a greater risk of slips and trips, all of our single entrance matting products have been particularly designed to ensure that these risk factors are avoided.

A valid point to mention is that your cleaning budget will be significantly reduced by investing in any of these single entrance mats, therefore all of the single mats on our extensive range should be considered as an investment to your company,

This is also a way to ensure that you avoid any potential legal action or litigation from any accidents that could occur in your place of work, in a world where legal action or litigation for any accidents is getting increasingly likely.

Also another established factor on having the right single entrance mat is that it’s a great way to offer a professional and coherent look to any person that may be coming into your business premises at any time,

This is all about giving a great and lasting first impression and as knows, the first impression is the most important and lasting one of all.

Safety Matting Supplies have a dedicated range of logo mats that will add to the professionalism of your mats and increase the impact of that first impression so that anyone entering your building will be even more impressed, this is also a great way to promote your company logo which is your brand, which as everyone knows is a very important thing to do, this is a great way of delivering that.

A single logo entrance mat can be used as a long-lasting promotion of your brand without you having to do anything at all, this is another perfect example of why any mats, especially a logo mat should be considered as solid and worthwhile investment.

All of the single entrance mats that have been handpicked and incorporated into our range for a very good reason and this to make sure they offer a durable, lasting and effective solution for dirt and moisture removal/collection, when these products are designed and formulated they reach the manufacturing stage with our complete peace of mind that they will be made to offer that solution without any problem at all.

All kinds of materials have been located and sourced responsibly and then included in the forming and manufacturing process with the certainty that they will be a vital factor in producing entrance matting which perform as well as any single entrance mat can.


Safety Matting Supplies make sure that all of the single entrance mats we have included in our range have been designed to make sure cleaning and maintaining your internal floor walkway areas is as easy as it possibly can be.

The proper entrance mat solution will offer effective dirt and moisture entrance control – this will have a cumulative effect throughout your whole building and this in turn will have a positive effect on your budget that’s been set for cleaning of the premises.

All our single entrance mats are specially designed to scrape and take away any dirt/moisture from any foot traffic or any other delivery sack trucks/trolleys.

Safety Matting Supplies have also added some products to our range which are carefully and properly designed to offer the special feature of removing and retaining dirt underneath the matting area, therefore any stones, dirt or grit, can be simply sucked up and disposed of using a vacuum cleaner.

These design features are an especially valuable and important asset when its wintry or snowy weather. This also works as an especially effective solution rather than having to clean that same dirt up from a larger floor are that would have been walked around had no entrance matting been in place.


Our single entrance mats are all designed to be easily situated in the best place for the space you need to cover, mostly the single entrance mats in our range are designed to be simply removed from the carton they are delivered in and dropped in place.

Sometimes however if the mat is being dropped into a mat well it may on certain occasions need to be cut around the edges to be fitted perfectly.

This cutting can be achieved easily by using a craft/packing knife or if there is an incorporated aluminium strip you may need to use an angle grinder to effectively cut and fit the entrance mat.

Added to this most of our single entrance mats have a specially designed gripper backing which ensures that they will stay in place even when they’re being constantly used, this is an important feature as the entrance mat will only operate effectively if it stays in the correct area


All of the single entrance mats we currently offer in our range have all been rigorously tried and tested to make completely sure that they comply with the relevant standards, any details on testing or and certificates are available on request or will be featured on our web-page


We make sure that most of our single entrance mats are issued with a manufacturers guarantee, we see these assurances as a mark of how seriously we take all the development and forming of all of the products in our range and also as a commitment to you, our valued customer.

Any questions or requirements you have that you might want to discuss don’t hesitate to email or call us.

You can also use the Live Chat feature on our website, there will always be an agent right there to help you whenever you need it.