Anti-Fatigue Matting

We have got a truly unique range of specialist Anti-Fatigue Matting on offer. It is increasingly popular, because it offers a surprising number of physical health benefits for anyone who happens to be standing in a similar position for longer periods of time.

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More About Anti-Fatigue Matting

The main benefit of these mats is that on a standing surface they can significantly reduce pressure on standing joints, legs and feet. This is music to the ears (and feet) of those who spend their working day standing in stationary spots for most of their duties, such as factory workers and shop assistants.

Anti Fatigue mats are particularly popular in:

  • Engineering or Manufacturing sectors (machine operators)
  • Hospitality (Front of House & Kitchen staff)
  • Entertainment (Camera crew, Voice Over and stop animation creators)
  • Retail (Checkout staff and promotional stand staff)
  • Fulfilment & Shipping – Packing line staff
  • Medical & Pharmacies (From Surgeons to pharmacy order completion staff)
  • Casinos (Reception & card dealers)
  • Animal Care – Veterinary surgeons and support staff

If you employ kitchen workers, receptionists, machine workers, parcel pickers & packers, production line workers, pharmacy workers or even casino croupiers and dealers… you need to go ahead and put yourself in their shoes. These employees will benefit tremendously from standing on our mats.

Showing all 4 results