Anti-Fatigue Workplace Matting

Our anti fatigue matting products are manufactured from a specific type of foam which is perfect for use in areas of engineering , manufacturing or food preparation/processing and indeed any other industrial or commercial area.

These products are particularly designed for use by individuals who are standing in a similar position for a long time whilst doing their job.

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Anti Fatigue Matting Details

Safety Matting Supplies Anti Fatigue Matting are ideal for use on all kinds of floor covering, these mats are slip resistant and cushioned which makes them softer to stand on and are made from a patented type of foam which is unique to our product range, this allows workers to work more effectively whilst keeping the flooring around them free from debris and spillages.

Our unique range of Anti Fatigue Matting offer a number of physical health benefits for workers which includes less pressure on their standing joints and feet.

These products are as worth-while investment as they offer a way to keep your employees working more effectively whilst caring for their health and well-being, this also creates the added bonus of minimising workplace accidents which often results in downtime/sick leave and claims or compensation pay-outs.

Dry Areas/Wet Areas

Our Anti-Fatigue matting can be used in wet or dry industrial areas. All of these products are available in a range of thicknesses and materials including rubber,, patented foam and PVC, there’s also the option of yellow edging to promote workplace safety.

Our range of Anti Fatigue Mats cover all types of usage from light to heavy duty in all types of industrial environments.

They can be used in wet or dry areas also to ensure that the maximum level or standing safety is achieved at all time.

Showing 1–12 of 24 results