Barefoot and Wetside Matting

Safety Matting Supplies specialise in barefoot & wet area matting that are all made from a range of materials such as flexible PVC and EVA. These materials are ideal for the task these mats are designed for, some of these products also have anti-fungal and anti-microbial additives to stop bacteria growth and are UV/Fire Resistant.

Any area that has the potential for water or moisture underfoot needs to have some anti slip wet area matting.

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Barefoot & Wet Area Matting Details

These matting products are specially intended for use in any area where there is a considerable amount of moisture present such as swimming bath changing rooms or even poolside. Examples of other common areas where these matting products are used include saunas or hot tub surrounds.

Our wet area matting is perfect for use on any kind of surface and are all slip resistant, cushioned and carefully designed to ensure that anyone who is walking on them barefooted can do so comfortably.

This high quality range of wet area and barefoot matting has been made with hygiene, comfort and safety in mind, all of the products in this range are an investment and will offer top quality performance in all of these areas, anyone who purchases these products can be assured that they have bought the best wet area matting for the job.

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