Door Mats

Keep your interior floors protected with our great range of professionally designed, quality domestic & commercial door mats. Ideal for use in entrance ways, these clever and innovative mats trap dirt and debris to prevent them from being trailed across interior flooring. With something to suit all budgets, keeping your house or commercial premises safe and hygienic has never been easier.

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Domestic & Commercial Door Mats

At Safety Matting Supplies, we understand just how important dirt control is within the home and commercial sector. Homeowners always generally like to keep the interior of their homes clean and employers need to keep commercial premises clean, safe and hygienic for both employees and customers. Our range of door mats are designed with this goal in mind.

The entrance ways to your business are a common cause of built up dirt and debris. Without an adequate mat in place, dirt can easily be trailed throughout the premises. Not only that, but moisture can also become an issue. If it’s been raining outdoors, that moisture will be trailed through, creating wet, slippery floors. The right door mat can help to eliminate excess moisture before it’s trailed over the interior floors.

Cost-effective Investment

Investing in a good quality door mat for the business also delivers another great benefit – it saves you money.

As the interior floors won’t need to be cleaned as frequently, this will potentially reduce your cleaning budget. As there will be less moisture trailed throughout the premises, this also cuts the risk of slips and falls. If an employee or customer were to slip on a wet floor, they could file a compensation claim. So, you could also save money on the cost of claims being made against the business.

Advanced Dirt Pick-up

The specialised door mats we supply are designed with advanced dirt pick-up in mind. Some of our professional mats remove the dirt and debris, storing it underneath the mat. They can then be easily vacuumed.

They’re easy to place down too. The majority of our mats can simply be removed from the shipping carton and placed directly down on the floor. Occasionally, you may need to cut the edges of the matting to ensure it fits perfectly. They also come with a gripper backing to ensure they remain in place even during heavy use.

As an additional benefit, the door mats sold by Safety Matting Supplies are professionally designed. This means as well as functioning effectively, they also have a stylish, professional looking design.

We have a range of door mats available to suit all businesses. Browse our full range today. Not sure which one is right for you? Give our friendly team a call to discuss your requirements.

Showing 1–12 of 13 results