Entrance Matting

Safety Matting Supplies range of entrance matting is manufactured to a very high quality standard and they are designed to carry out the function of removing and controlling dirt or grime in any entrance way.

Our products have been made to either fit into a pre-existing mat well or can also be installed on top of any floor surface.

Entrance Matting Details

The entrance matting we provide have been created to ensure that the entrance way to your premises is stylish and makes a positive impact as well as being certified and tested as slip resistant.

Hygiene and durability is what these entrance matting products are designed to offer, they also make it easy to maintain and achieve a clean interior to your building by trapping and retaining any dirt at the entrance which is then simply cleaned during your cleaning routine.

It is also possible to apply logos to some of these entrance mats which is an even better way to increase the positive impact that our matting will give your entrance areas.

These mats can be installed in areas of high traffic with no issue whatsoever.