Bar Mats

Browse our wide range of exceptional quality bar mats. Designed to protect the floor and your employees from inevitable spills, these mats are a must for any establishment.

Our exclusive range of bar mats are manufactured to the highest standards. Install them on the bar to prevent spills.

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About Our Bar Mats

These bar mats are specifically designed to be placed on top of any bar or drink serving area to contain spills that are inevitable in this kind of environment.

A lightweight design makes the bar mats easy to reposition if required.

Glass breakage is inevitable from time to time in any bar environment, and without adequate protection, it could prove to be a huge safety hazard. When glasses hit the rubber backed bar mats, they are much less likely to smash, dramatically increasing safety behind the bar.

Great promotional benefits

Each of our bar mats can be printed with a logo. These are best suited for use on the bar itself, where customers can actually see them. Many of the smaller bar mats can be washed too, enabling you to easily keep them clean and hygienic.

You could maximise their promotional benefits by investing in a matching printed entrance mat which can also be manufactured to custom shapes to add impact to the printed logo. Browse our tough entrance mat collection here. Or, offer them as a unique free gift at networking and promotional events.

Easy to maintain

Bar mats are incredibly easy to maintain. They are easily wipeable, or washable if you invest in on-the-bar mats. No amount of spills are going to ruin them, and as they are created from highly durable materials, they are able to cope with a lot of daily wear and tear. Even the busiest bar environments are going to be no match for these tough matting solutions.

Unlike a lot of our competitors, our mats are constructed with the highest-grade materials. This means they won’t warp or become damaged by moisture over time. They also won’t fade, so you should find they look as good as new no matter how many times you wash or clean them. The fact they won’t warp is also a major advantage. When this occurs in poor quality mats, they start to become ineffective. They become unable to hold the weight of a drink, causing it to topple over. So, investing in our high quality bar mats will help to prevent this problem, keeping your staff and your customers happier.

Quality guaranteed

Safety Matting Supplies only stocks the highest quality mats on the market. When you buy any of our bar mats, you can guarantee you’re investing in the highest quality.

The mats are also resistant against mildew, mould and staining. This further ensures they will retain their new look for years to come.

Choose from a variety of bar mat designs

Safety Matting supplies stocks a range of different bar mat designs. Whether you are searching for bar runners, a durable and quality floor mat, or whether you’re looking for an anti-fatigue mat, we have something to fit your needs.

You can call our friendly team today to discuss your bar mat requirements. Each of our mats come with a great warranty and are guaranteed to last the test of time. We are also dedicated to environment

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