Cable Cover Mats

Safety Matting Supplies have always taken the promotion of Health and Safety in the workplace very seriously and we have taken this passion for safety and focussed it on all of the products we offer, from preventing trips and slip, electric shock and fire, we now have a new range of exclusive Cable Cover Mats which are mats that have been designed to place over any trailing cables in the work place.

These 2 products are the Cable Mate Nylon Top & the Cable Mate Rubber Top.

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More About our Cable Cover Matting

These cable cover mats have been specially designed to perform the task of safely covering any cables that happen to be running across or trailing in walking areas and even have a yellow and black edge to make the potential hazard area even clearer so any one walking over the cable cover mat is also aware of the potential risk in these areas.

Both of our Cable Mate products have been manufactured with an Integrated Rubber Channel for wires to make sure they stay in place under the mat.

They can also be placed on any walking surface with under floor heating and can also be used where oils & chemicals are present

Both the Cable Mate products have a high resistance to light, which means they will keep their colour even when placed in prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, they also are certified and tested to a level compatible with EN14041 which means they have assured Anti-Static properties.

All combination of assets stated above just shows how seriously we take ensuring we offer a good quality product and that we have done our best to achieve this.


Added to our passion for promoting Health & Safety we also have a drive to promote cleanliness and hygiene in the work place and this is reflected in all of the products we offer, there are 2 options available with the Cable Mate mats and one of them has a nylon carpet style top which is designed to remove and minimal dirt and dust from any feet or trolleys passing over it, so while preventing any slips and trips form exposed cables its also removing dirt as well as protecting the cables too.

The second option we offer is the Cable Mate Rubber Top which also has a black and yellow edging design, this ensures that it is just as visible and also prevents any tripping over cables, also another indirect benefit of having either of the Cable Mate product in place is that it protects any cabling placed underneath especially from things such as mail trolleys or delivery sack trucks which can damage cables when they’re carrying weight.

The Cable Mate Nylon Top can be periodically cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner or even a carpet extraction cleaning machine.

The Cable Mate Rubber Top can be vacuum cleaned, steam cleaned or high washed down with a high-pressure hose.


Safety Matting Supplies ensure that rigorous research and development has been carried out on all the products we promote, and the manufacturing process is completed using as much efficiency as possible using materials that have responsibly sourced.

Both Cable Mate products have nitrile rubber in them, and this has been specially selected as it is a long lasting and more durable type of rubber and can withstand harsher environments and

The Cable Mate Carpet Top has a High Twist Nylon Upper which has been chosen as the best kind of product for the task that this product is designed to do.

Both of our Cable Mate products contain NO PVC in them whatsoever.

This ensures that that all the products we have handpicked to be included in our range are made properly and that we have a mat that is as effective and usable as possible to offer to you – our valued customer.


All of our Cable Mate Mats are designed with ease of maintenance in mind, they are not a big product and they are both made from nitrile rubber backing, the Cable Mate Carpet Top has a nylon upper , which can be easily cleaned using a vacuum or washed using a steam cleaner or an extraction carpet cleaning machine, this will effectively clean the mat and destroy any bacteria picked up from foot traffic, this makes it very simple to make sure they can be cleaned periodically so they can look clean and professional in the areas that they are used in.

Industry Tested

Both of our Cable Mate products have been subjected to effective industry testing to make sure they are resistant to fire and slipping, a lot of time is spent on designing these products so we know they are properly made to resist these risk factors and they can also pass any testing they are put through.


Both of our Cable Mate products come with 2 Years manufacturer’s guarantee.

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