Coir Matting

Safety Matting Supplies offer an extensive range of great quality coir matting, coir mats are perfect for offering the ultimate protection against outside dirt and debris. All of our coir matting products are made from 100% natural coconut husk fibres, these heavy-duty mats coir mats can be placed indoors or within matwells. Designed to lengthen the lifespan of interior floors, they are renowned for their legendary dirt-scraping properties.

We ensure that the best possible testing and development is used when making our coir matting products so they can offer the best possible solution and are able to perform as a durable and reliable entrance mat should.

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More About Our Coir Matting

One of the main benefits of our quality range of coir mats, is their high-quality construction. Coconut husks are soaked in water for months so that the cellulose fibres can easily be softened. These fibres are then spun by hand to produce a hard yarn. This carefully planned and extensive procedure ensures that the quality of the products we offer remain uncompromised and that any of our coir matting products will perform the task they are intended for with the greatest possible effectiveness.

Coconut coir matting is thought to be the toughest natural fibre, making these mats perfect for high-traffic areas. They also come with a non-slip PVC backing to help secure the mats in place.

This means the range of coir matting we provide covers every area of entrance matting that is important which is of course safety, hygiene, dirt control and product durability.

Various sizes and depths available

Safety Matting Supplies offer a range of coir matting options, they are available in an attractive yet practical natural tan colour, our coir mats are available in various sizes and depths. Choose from 1Mx6M or 2Mx6M roll dimensions and 17mm or 23mm depths. We also stock single mats for domestic applications and each of our coir mats can be printed to create logo mats.

This will ensure that you can have the perfect entrance matting safety and dirt control solution while promoting your brand which as any business will know is always a primary concern.

Ideal for both home and business

Coir mats are very flexible in their application and can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. They can be placed at your back door, in the garage or even at an entrance way to a conservatory or something like that. Due to their durable construction they are guaranteed to last for many years; even in high-traffic areas.

Safety Matting Supplies is proud to offer some of the highest quality coir mats on the market. Browse our collection today to find the perfect entrance matting solution for your home or business.


At Safety Matting Supplies we always focus on making sure all of our matting products offer a way to promote and conserve hygienic conditions in the areas they are placed, this is no different with our Coir Matting Range.

Coir Matting Maintenance

Safety Matting Supplies are constantly reminded when dealing with customers that the number one factor to consider when choosing matting is using whichever matting solution they select to make maintenance of their commercial space easier to do, Coir matting makes this particularly easy to do, it is very effective at scraping and removing dirt as well as retaining moisture at the entrance point or indeed any area which you choose to install it. It come in rolls, single mats or even per linear metre and is easily cut to fit any space its being applied to.

It is even possible to purchase several larger single mats and join them together to cover a larger area which makes them easier to move and clean if need be, this makes it easier than having a big solid roll piece to have to move.


All of our coir matting range has been rigorously tried and tested to ensure it complies with all the necessary standards and can perform perfectly in the situations that its designed for, any certificates or test results are easily available on request or will be featured on our website.


Safety Matting Supplies always rigorously test all of our coir matting products which therefore gives us the confidence to offer you a guarantee cover on all of our coir Matting range.

We are constantly testing and using new research and development approaches to ensure that our products can perform up to or beyond the guarantees they are issued with.

This is a constant and never-ending task but allows to us to introduce many new products to offer vital solutions to you, our valued customer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or quires or want to discuss any requirements you may have, you can phone or email us or even contact an agent via our LiveChat feature on our website.

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