Eco Friendly Mats

At Safety Matting Supplies, we’re committed to environmental sustainability. We stock some of the highest quality eco-friendly mats available on the market.

Made from 100% recycled materials, they aren’t just great for the environment – they’re great for the home or business too. Tough, practical and stylish, these mats are a must for the eco-conscious buyer.

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Why choose Eco-friendly Mats?

Eco-friendly mats are made from recycled waste products such as plastic bottles and old tyres. These materials would otherwise end up in landfill, proving harmful to the environment. Promoting a clean environment, they help conserve the earth’s natural resources by reducing the amount of new materials used in production.

Investing in an eco-friendly mat enables you to reduce your carbon footprint, while also working towards environmental sustainability. They are also known to be much stronger than standard mats, lengthening their lifespan.

What makes a mat eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly mats come in a variety of different types. The recycled mats are the most popular, but there are other factors which contribute to a more environmentally friendly design.

Some entrance mats are considered eco-friendly because of their efficiency. They may provide insulating properties to reduce heat lost, resulting in less energy needing to be used. Other mats are considered eco-friendly as they are classed as non-pollutant mats. You can also pick up heated mats, which use electric to produce heat. However, these types of eco-friendly mats aren’t always as environmentally friendly as they are advertised to be.

The majority of eco-friendly mats we supply are 100% recycled and non-pollutant. We offer a variety of rubber and polyester based mats, along with tough Coir matting, also known for its natural, biodegradable design.

Exceptional quality, durable mats

All of the eco-friendly mats we supply are made to an exceptional standard. They come with a recycled heavy-duty rubber backing for maximum durability. They are just as strong, if not stronger than non-recycled mats.

The rubber backing ensures the mats stick firmly in place, adding to their safety and efficiency. It also stands up well against wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, such as entranceways. Typically made from recycled tyres, the rubber used in eco-friendly mats has been designed to withstand harsh UV rays, physical abrasions and ozone damage. Although recycled, the rubber still retains these protective qualities.

Additionally, rubber is known to be safer in wet environments. When exposed to moisture, the rubber backing can become tacky, causing it to stick securely to the floor beneath.

Keeping interior floors clean and hygienic

Eco-friendly mats help to protect interior floors, while also boosting hygiene. Effectively trapping dirt and debris, outside contaminants are less likely to carried inside, making these mats great for hygiene sensitive businesses.

Dirt and debris can really damage a floor, particularly if small stones are trailed indoors. Adding an eco-friendly mat will ensure your floors are protected against dirt and debris, protecting them against micro-scratches. This in turn enhances the lifespan of the floor, ensuring its warranty remains intact.

Add to your company’s green credentials

Environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Adding greener products into the work environment boosts your company’s green credentials. This attracts more potential customers, setting you apart from your competitors.

Switching to environmentally friendly products also improves business sustainability. You will become less reliant upon natural resources, avoiding rising costs occurring due to climate change. This increases your chances of achieving long-term success.

Great choice of colours and sizes

Our range of eco-friendly mats are available in a great choice of colours and sizes. They will blend into any environment and will fit any size entranceway. We also offer logo mats, providing fantastic promotional benefits.

Each mat features a raised surface, scraping and trapping the dirt brought in from outside, below foot level. This ensures the dirt isn’t simply picked up again when others walk over the mat.

Just as affordable as non-recycled mats

It is a common misconception that eco-friendly mats are a more expensive option. They are just as affordable as non-recycled mats. Given their enhanced durability, this actually makes eco-friendly mats a more budget-friendly option than traditional entrance matting.

Safety Matting Supplies is dedicated to providing the highest quality eco-friendly mats on the market. Browse our full collection today or contact our friendly team to find out more about any of our eco-friendly products.

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