Entrance Matting Rolls

Sometimes a larger area of walkway needs to be covered and single mats are not the appropriate solution, Safety Matting Supplies have a range of good quality entrance matting rolls.

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About Entrance Matting Rolls


Sometimes a larger area of walkway needs to be covered and a single mat will often single mats are not the appropriate solution, Safety Matting Supplies have a range of good quality rolls of entrance matting which are designed with care and to ensure that the best solution are available to meet our customers’ requirements.

Safety Matting Supplies are aware that safety and hygiene are a constant requirement in any commercial areas and all our products are designed with that in mind.

The matting products which are available on a roll, range from budget options to higher end options, however, regardless of where the product is placed on the spectrum they all have a particular focus on offering the ability to removing and retaining dirt, dust and moisture, these are the main cause if build-up if dirt in any buildings and indeed wet, muddy floors also cause a high slipping hazard, all the entrance matting rolls are designed to avoid this.

Added to this your cleaning/maintenance budget will be significantly reduced by having these mats in place so all of the mats should be considered as worthwhile investment as well as helping to avoid any possible litigation or legal action from any slips or trips that happen in your work place, in an increasingly litigatious world the threat of this is becoming more common.

Another recognised benefit of having the correct entrance matting is about the fact that it is a great way to offer a smart and professional look to anyone who may be entering your building and it leaves a great first impression, and you know what they say, the first impression is the most important and lasting one.

Entrance Matting can also have a logo incorporated into some of the products we offer in our range, this will add to the professional appearance of your entrance way as well as promoting your brand and company image which as every company knows is a very important thing to do , it also acts as a constant marketing tool and quite literally is promoting your brand image without any effort on your part whatsoever, this is another connected investment that our matting offers.

Safety Matting Supplies Entrance Matting products are designed and formulated to offer durability and solid results, all the processes that are used during the forming and manufacturing process are with this aim and goal in mind.

Various materials are responsibly sourced and used in the manufacturing process to ensure durability and product effectiveness is at its peak throughout our whole entrance matting range.


All of the entrance matting products we offer are designed to make it easy to clean and maintain your entrance way which will also have a ‘knock on’ effect for the control of dirt around the whole of your building.

The matting products in this range are all designed to scrape and remove any dirt and grime from any foot traffic or trolleys etc coming in through your entrance areas on top of this there are some of the products also designed in such a way as to retain the dirt which can be easily vacuumed up from around and under the mat, this is much easier and efficient than having to remove and clean the dirt from larger areas. This will make your cleaning programme much quicker and therefore cheaper.


These entrance matting products, when provided in roll format can be fitted to the agreed area in a variety of ways.

If the mat is being fitted into a matwell, once on site and delivered, often it will need to be cut to size using a knife and then glued or just dropped in place.

Some of our scraper mat rolls have an aluminium strip, you will need an angle grinder to cut and fit

Some of the products however are provided with a gripper rubber backing which means they can ne laid directly onto the sub floor surface and this special backing will ensure they stay in place even when walked on so they can operate to full effect.

Loos lay mats will generally be provided with a rubber edging as standard, some of these mats also have a retro fitted edging option in either PVC or Aluminium depending on the area which the mat will be situated.


Each of the products we offer have been rigorously tried and tested to ensure they comply with the necessary standards are up to the task that they have designed to do, and testing or certificate detail will either be on our web-shop or are available on request.


Most of our entrance matting products come with a manufacturer guarantee, this is sign of how seriously product development and manufacturing is taken, details of any guarantees on particular product can be found in the product detail page on our web-shop.

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