Sticky Mats

Our Sticky Mate range has been specially developed to perform with great effectiveness and they have been tested and proven and known to capture up to 90% of dirt particles, therefore sticky mats are an ideal solution for protecting interior floors. Largely used in more specialist applications, such as hospitals, laboratories, and other medical settings, these mats are both hygienic and practical. 

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More About Our Sticky Mats

Designed for use on hard floors, sticky mats come with a generous number of layers to ensure great value for money. At Safety Matting Supplies, we stock the highest quality sticky mats on the market. 

Easy to use and install

Sticky mats are easy to install. They come with an adhesive backing to secure them to a hard surface. Once in place, the mats will not move or crease unless they are exposed to moisture. Sticky mats are not designed to be waterproof so care should be taken to install them in dry environments.

The mats come with numerous sticky layers. The sticky coating captures fine dirt and particles as you walk over the mat. For maximum hygiene in highly sensitive areas, the layers should be peeled off with each use. In standard environments, the layers can be removed once they become saturated with dirt.

Use alongside entrance matting for maximum protection

Sticky mats are only designed to capture fine dirt and particles; they will not cope well with heavy dirt. Therefore, they can be installed alongside entrance matting, such as a coir mat, for maximum protection. The entrance mat will capture the larger particles, while the sticky mat removes finer residue. This offers the perfect all round solution to controlling dirt & grime where you need it the most.

When hygiene is paramount, sticky mats are the number one choice. Browse our range of exceptional quality sticky mats today. 


Safety Matting Supplies always have a primary concern which is safety and one of the primary factors of safety is of course hygiene and controlling of dirt transfer especially into areas that need to be kept clean such as dental or medical surgeries and food preparation areas, the Sticky Mate range of matting is also particularly effective in offshore oil & platform settings and has all the required certificates to show that its safe & suitable to be in a sensitive area like this. These are only a few common examples but in fact the Sticky Mate range can offer hygiene control in many other areas.


Safety Matting Supplies are constantly aware that upkeep and maintenance of a building is a constant task and there are many things that need attending to all the time, we therefore make it our mission to discover solutions and turn them into products, the Sticky Mate range are a perfect example of this. The Sticky Mate range of matting is produced to make automatic removal of dirt form any surface that they make contact with, this is a great way to control transfer of dirt without even thinking about it , and then this makes cleaning of dirt/grime a very simple task as its all stuck onto the sticky mat surface and contained in a small area, this sticky surface mat sheet can then be simply ripped of and then disposed of this then gives way to a brand new sticky sheet clean, hygienic and perfectly ready to perform the same task as the sheet before it.


All of the Sticky Mate matting range has been rigorously tried and tested to ensure it complies with all the necessary standards and can perform perfectly in the situations that its designed for, any certificates or test results are easily available on request or will be featured on our website


Safety Matting Supplies are always making sure that including the testing we do that it is done well enough to give us the confidence to offer you a guarantee cover on all of the Sticky Mate range.

We are constantly testing and using new Research and Development approaches to ensure that our products can perform up to or beyond the guarantees they are issued with.

This is a constant and never-ending task but allows to us to introduce many new products to offer vital solutions to you, our valued customer.

Bulk Ordering

Safety Matting Supplies are aware that the Sticky Mate range are used a lot in certain situations, and we are perfectly equipped to support any clients who need these sticky mats in bulk, we can usually also offer a reduced price as recognition of volume ordering. 

If you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, or even our LiveChat function on our website, where one of our agents will always be to help you with any questions or queries that you might have.

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