Health & Safety Matting

There seems to be no end of Health and Safety directives or suggestions, some of them seem overkill and some of them can cost a considerable amount of money to implement, so companies sometimes choose to ignore the issue or come up with a temporary solution that often creates a Health & Safety risk in itself.

However there’s no need to worry, a lot of situations can be totally avoided by using an affordable and effective ongoing solution. One of the most common issues is cables or wires trailing around and across areas where people might be walking.

Our cable cover mats are specially designed to be used in these situations to avoid any tripping incidents.

We are continually looking for ways to add more safety mats to our H&S mats range.

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All of the safety mats in the range are currently supplied with 2 years warranty, PVC free, machine washable at 60 degrees and can be used time and time again.

They can be easily be stored until they are needed again.

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