Multi Purpose Floor Covering

When you require a functional floor covering for larger areas of flooring all of our products in the Multi-Purpose range give you that possibility.

They are great for offering comfort, style and hygiene as well as giving protection for floors, work surfaces/benches or any components.

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Multi-Purpose Floor Matting Details

Safety Matting Supplies Multi-Purpose range of flooring particularly designed for use in medium to heavy industrial or commercial working areas.

Patterns: These products are available in three patterns styles (Dot, Ridge & Open Grid Tiles)
Each of these designs are formulated to ensure the flooring product is the best it can be for the job its meant to do.

Durability: The thickness of the mat generally corresponds with how long it will last, the thicker the matting, the longer it will last. Also protection to any flooring or bench top will be better the thicker the mat.

Environment: All of our Multi-Purpose matting range is made from 100% recycled REACH compliant PVC.

Showing all 3 results