Specialist Application Matting

Safety Matting Supplies have a carefully selected and rigorously tested range of matting products for a number of ‘common’ specialist applications.

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Specialist Application Matting Details

Wave Simulator/Surf Machine Matting
Pillogrid – Cushioned matting product for wave simulators and surf machines, this UV resistant product has high drainage abilities and is soft to walk on especially with bare feet.

Animal Cage Matting
HVD – Warm, comfortable, non-toxic and inert animal cage matting product – it’s easy to clean, has high drainage and is quick to install

Roof Walkway Matting
CrossGrip PVC – certified slip resistance, excellent drainage roof membrane protection matting, loose lay, longlife and UV resistant also tested to be very stable in high winds
CrossGrip TPO – identical properties to the above product – Made from TPO, fire resistant and designed for use on TPO and EPDM roofing surfaces

Cushioned Matting
PilloMat – This open grid, extra smooth, tubular construction matting product is made from flexible non-porous PVC and is fire resistant, its also hygienic, easy to clean and offers good drainage/component protection and is quick and simple to cut and install onsite.

Escape Route Matting
HeronAir Photo-Luminescent – A slip resistant, photo luminescent product with excellent drainage properties which indicates the escape route after normal lighting has failed, it also has a loose lay tubular construction is light to carry and quick to install.

ESD Matting (Electro Static Dissipating)
Zedland ESD – This anti-fatigue matting product has certified wear resistance and electro static dissipative properties, it is also made from a patented minimal wear foam compound, rolls are quick and easy to cut to shape and install.

Showing all 1 result