Workplace Slip Resistant Matting

We have a large selection of Slip Resistant Matting at the most competitive prices in the UK.

Results from HSE (Health & Safety Executive) have proved that the primary reasons for incidents around the workplace are from slipping and tripping.

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More About Workplace Matting

Our portfolio of Non-Slip Matting products are specifically formulated and designed to ensure that:

  • Underfoot safety is improved
  • Slipping and falling is minimised
  • Any mess, spillages or waste are removed from area of work
  • Thermal and acoustic properties are enhanced

Safety Matting Supplies range of non-slip matting includes a mix of PVC construction formed or cut surfaces for increased resistance to slipping.

There is also matting which is resistant to oil, chemicals or even animal fat.

Added to this we are happy to have some of the products in the range which are made from 100% recycled PVC products and there are several other products besides.

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