EcoDot Extra Eco Friendly Functional Floor Or Bench Top Covering Roll


  • Eco-Friendly flexible PVC floor covering, made entirely from re-processed factory waste.
  • 2.5mm thick – thicker than standard for Heavy Duty usage.
  • Great resistance to slippages.
  • Resistance to chemicals, oils, and acids.
  • Fast & simple to install.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Can be used as benchtop protection matting.
  • Also works as equipment/component storage area matting.
  • Black only.
  • One size roll – 20M x 980mm wide.


EcoDot Extra is a slip-resistant floor matting product that is a functional floor covering.

It is tested and proven to be resistant to most chemicals, oil, and acid as well as being made entirely from reprocessed factory waste.

This product offers an eco-friendly, quality floor matting option that can alternatively be used as a protective covering on bench tops or component/equipment storage areas.

The ‘extra’ in EcoDot Extra is because this product is thicker which makes it ideal for use in heavier traffic or harsher industrial areas.

Colour – Black only.

Additional information



Roll Dimension

20M x 980mm


Chemical, Oil & Acid Resistant, Eco Friendly, Fire Resistant, Slip Resistant


Flexible PVC


Safety Matting Supplies


EcoDot Extra