HeronGripa – Non Slip Kitchen Mats – Roll


  • Animal Fat Resistant
  • Ideal for use in Food Processing Areas
  • Ideal for use in Food Preperation Areas
  • Hygienic
  • Anti Fungal and anti bacterials additives
  • Chemical & Oil Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Certified Slip Resistance
  • Brilliant Drainage
  • Available in Terracotta Red Only
    • 10M x 1220mm
    • 10M x 600mm
    • 10M x 910mm
    • 5M x 1220mm
    • 5M x 600mm
    • 5M x 910mm


    HeronGripa is an animal fat resistant matting product which is specifically designed for use in the food processing areas and food preparation areas it is also resistant to chemicals, oils and acids and also has excellent slip resistance and drainage.

    HeronGripa is a DINP animal fat resistant PVC matting product featuring an open grid design which enables any wastage to pass through, keeping the walking area unhindered of slippages or dangerous materials.

    HeronGripa is a one piece tough wearing vinyl roll design, this feature makes its easier to roll the mat up to allow access for cleaning, it’s is available in a range of sizes and one attractive terracotta red colour.

    Additional information

    Roll Dimension

    10M x 1220mm, 10M x 600mm, 10M x 910mm, 5M x 1220mm, 5M x 600mm, 5M x 910mm




    Anti-fungal & Antibacterial, Chemical, Oil & Acid Resistant, Drainage, Slip Resistant


    Animal Fat Resistant DINP plasticised PVC




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