Machine Washable Non Slip Mat


  • Made from 100% nitrile rubber providing brilliant resistance to grease, chemicals and oils.
  • Higher surface design gives anti slip support in greasy or oily conditions.
  • Multi purpose, can be used anywhere.
  • Pleasant alternative to standing on a cold floor.
  • Machine Washable
  • Includes ramped safety edging as standard.
  • Ideal for use in greasy or wet scenarios such as food processing or kitchens.
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The SMS Scraper non slip mat is made from 100% nitrile rubber, this ensures resistance to chemicals, grease and oil.

This machine washable non slip mat provides a raised anti slip standing surface which performs brilliantly in any areas with grease or oil on the floors.

The SMS Scraper non slip mat is pleasant substitute for standing on a cold, hard floor.

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Mat Size

1.15M x 1.75M, 850mm x 1.5M, 850mm x 3M, 850mm x 750mm