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Safety Matting In The Sports And Leisure Industry

Safety Is Key

The UK is renowned for having one of the largest selections of gyms, health clubs and spas, there are so many to choose from and it’s great to know that there is a lot of thriving businesses in our country.

Managing a business in this market sector is something that requires a lot of resilience and hard work, cleanliness and great service is prized above all and it takes a lot of work to maintain an environment that delivers on these points.

One of the main areas that needs to be constantly looked at is making sure any areas where there is potential for slipping and tripping has a solution installed to ensure your customers remain safe.

Coming up to Christmas where bookings are much more likely to increase and therefore so will footfall which means that safety is even more important.

Prime Areas Of Concern

Several areas that are typically found in the sports & leisure industry need to be considered as higher risk areas in terms of slipping and tripping, the number one area we always focus on is obvious, close proximity to water.

Clearly it goes without saying that the closer you are to the source of water or moisture the chances of slipping are higher, especially when you are close to areas such as a swimming pool, sauna or hot tub as well as changing room areas are all typical examples of this.

Solutions To Consider

There are several kinds of matting available for this purpose and they are all designed specially for the kind of environment where people are most likely to be walking around in bare feet.

Obviously when you don’t have any shoes or socks on your feet are a lot more sensitive to the surface they come into contact with, they are also susceptible to slipping so its important that the barefoot matting is both comfortable and slip resistant.

Entrance/Reception Areas

The entrance area to any place of business is arguably the most important area, for two main reasons: 

  • Image 
  • Dirt control

Proper poolside matting in these areas will ensure any dirt or moisture that will be coming in through the door will be removed and contained, this makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the building and will improve the overall image.

You can also make a big impact by having a logo printed on your entrance mat this ensures that you have a strong image and it gives a great professional look.

Changing Areas

In any changing area there is always likely to be moisture on the floor especially closer to the shower areas. This makes the floor slippery especially as quite a few people are walking around in bare feet, this makes proper anti-slip matting even more important.

Safety Matting Supplies offer a wide range of matting products that offer a solution in every area of your business.