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Specialist Application Matting Explained

We often say the Safety Matting Supplies has a matting product to suit essentially every situation, that, to be honest, is a pretty obtuse statement though! Let us explain more what we mean by that.

Whenever people think of a mat their mind automatically usually jumps to an image of a door mat but as you have probably already seen from our website and social media posts there are so many other products to suit any number of scenarios.

You might wonder whether there is a mat that’s been designed for your requirement and that’s a fair question.

Safety Matting Supplies of course offer the typical door mats that most people think of but we also have a specialist range of matting products which are designed to offer waking comfort, slip resistance and lots of other bespoke safety features in some slightly niche or unusual areas.

A few examples of our specialist application mats we offer for those slightly more niche and unusual requirements are detailed below.

  • Rooftop walkway matting

Flat roofing areas often have air conditioning units, windows or lighting that need servicing, repair or maintenance work and obviously this usually needs someone to go up there to complete the work!

Most roof covering is surprisingly fragile, so, when work crew go up they can stand on stones or screws/fixings that have been dropped from previous work this can result in a tear then a leak.

A leak can cost a fortune to repair. Better to invest the funds in some walkway matting to protect the roof surface and this also creates a clearly defined walkway so even if something is dropped the construction of the matting makes sure that it unlikely to be the cause of a tear/leak.

  • Emergency escape route ‘Glow in the dark’ matting

This is designed for areas where there might be a need for speedy evacuation when ambient or electric lighting has failed! This is popular in power stations and nuclear facilities for obvious reasons. In an emergency situation you want as many clear escape markers as you can get, especially as there is likely to be a high level of shock and it’s never easy to focus so this helps to guide people who may find themselves in any unfortunate scenario.

  • Animal HVD cage matting

This is designed for animal cages and is non toxic and inert which means it’s made from materials that are not going to react with any animals that are lying on them causing illness or skin irritation, it’s made for a cushioned tubular construction which gives maximum comfort. Easy to cut to size and fit yourself. Great for drainage and is easy to clean.

  • Surf machine surround matting

There is loads of videos of people having a go on these simulated wave machines and falling off (fail videos) yup I love them!

This matting is designed to be situated around the flat walking areas to avoid slipping, again it is made from a tubular style material so it’s cushioned which is ideal as most people having a blast on a surf machine will be barefooted.

  • Storage area/delicate item cushion matting

Perfect for any storage areas especially if it’s expensive/delicate items. this is a really popular product for protecting things like lab components and even storage for skis or snowboards (protects the shiny lower surface and avoids scratching)

There is also a lot of options that aren’t featured on our standard range so if you want to know more about a possible solution let us know !

If you have any questions or queries about a matting need you have don’t hesitate to let us know, you can call or email us or alternatively use the LiveChat service on our website, there will always be an agent there ready to offer free no obligation advice to make sure you can get any information on the matting products to meet your needs