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The Best Door Mats For Winter

Across the UK in recent months, we’ve witnessed unprecedented amounts of rainfall after what was a distinctly dry spring and summer. The weather is showing few signs of improving for the next few months, as winter bites.

Your home and business needs protecting from the damp and dirt that inevitably accumulates in the later months of any year.

Safety Door Mats Are Designed For All Weathers

You probably already have floor matting in place at home or in your business. We all know their importance as they are often anti-slip and can be presence sensing and pressure sensitive. You may have multiple door mats at various entrance points and you may need to check that these are winter-ready. 

Our door mats are winter-proofed. Each forms a barrier to dirt and damp that can damage floors easily. If you’ve invested in hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl tiles, you need entrance matting to prevent damage, discolouration and scratches. 

Wide Range of Door Mats

We can supply solid nitrile rubber mats, primarily for outdoor placement. These are heavy duty and perfect for external entrance points for your peace of mind.

Primarily for indoor use, we can supply robust safety mats with a nylon twist top with nitrile backing. These are ideal for homes, schools and businesses where footfall is medium to high, as they are machine washable. If you need multiple mats, these make economic and environmental sense, as they have a longer life span. 

For lighter use, in homes and smaller businesses, you can spend less on nylon twist top mats with PVC backing. Please be aware though that these are not machine washable. 

As a midway point, perfect for hotels, pubs, restaurants, businesses, we have nylon twist mats with a scraper strip element to aid dirt removal.

Safety Matting Supplies Offer Other Options

We can supply safety mats in materials other than nylon and nitrile rubber. 

For example, our microfibre options are increasing in popularity. These trap dirt easily, are aesthetically pleasing and are machine washable. 

100% cotton mats are a great choice too for homes and businesses. They are naturally hydrophilic, which, put simply, means they attract water like a straw in a drink. This is why bath towels are made from cotton and door mats can have the same effect. They’re perfect, in fact, for families and pets with muddy paws. 

Coir mats remain a doorstep staple as they are heavy duty, attractive and sustainable as they are formed from coconut fibres. 

What We Promise

Whichever matting you choose, and the choices are seemingly infinite, you can request free samples from us to see and feel what your mats would be like. 


  • All our mats are UK manufactured, many made from recycled waste. 

– We will beat any price.

– We offer fast next day delivery, along with a nationwide fitting service.

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