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The Importance of Investing in Safety – Anti-Slip Matting

HSE – Key figures for Britain 2017/2018

  • 30.7 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury
  • £15 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions (2016/17)

Both significant and minor injury together contribute to almost 25% of slips and tripping incidents in the UK food & drink sector alone! HSE reports that slipping & tripping is the most common kind of work accident overall.

Added to that figures show that 90% of slippage incidents happen as a result of a wet floor from water or food waste. That is only a few examples, it makes total sense to invest in measures that prevent these incidents occurring wherever possible!

Remember accidents aren’t something you can take back, just a few milliseconds and your life could be changed forever.

Not to mention the potential settlement or legal action pay-out that follows!

Unfortunately, things like adequate floor matting seem to be viewed as a luxury or something that’s nice to have, almost like a decoration that looks good or alloy wheels on your car!

I think it’s fair to say that we have all been in a situation where a shortcut has been taken and in hindsight, regretted it later, I certainly have!

When it comes to business and especially if you have employees it becomes even more important to ensure their health and safety is a priority.

Not only do your workers come in everyday knowing they’re coming to a safe environment, they will also respond positively when investment has been made in their well-being and therefore flourish.

When choosing anti-slip matting for your work areas its important to think about several factors the most important 2 questions you should be asking are:

What activities are happening in the area I where I need to put anti-slip matting?

What conditions/substances will any matting be subject to?

  • Water, standing moisture
  • Oil, Chemicals, Acids
  • Food waste, processing fluids
  • Engineering waste, hot metals shards, off cuts
  • Electrical static build-up

The above are the most common examples we deal with on a daily basis. Anti-Slip matting solutions are available to meet all these working conditions, there is many options and sizes/colours available, in both roll & cut format.

It is also a great way to give your business establishment a professional and sleek image, if you have client visits this will show them you take safety and well-being of your staff seriously, this is always a great impression to leave with them.

Slip-Resistant matting can be used in your entrance, connecting walkways and production/machine operating areas to mention only a few areas.

Remember slippage incident can happen anywhere at any time so its important to do a risk assessment of where these risk areas are most likely to be.

Our company mission is to change how its viewed and suggest to business owners or decision makers that it should be viewed as a vital addition to any workplace, it should be all part of the investment decisions you make for your business!

So, take a more serious look at how you change your views on workplace safety, which ways could you invest to ensure any worker in your establishment is operating in the safest environment.

There are numerous anti-slip matting solutions available in our standard range as well as bespoke size/colour options as well

Take a look at our range of slip resistant matting. Alternatively you can call or send us an email, we have a trained team who are dedicated to making sure you get the help and advice you need.