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What Does REACH Compliance Mean & How Does It Apply To The Workplace?

It is very important that any anti-fatigue matting products are made and formulated in a responsible way, REACH compliance is a piece of government legislation which was released over a decade ago and we have a responsibility to make sure any products potentially affected by this are manufactured with alternative products.

The REACH compliance legislation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) was created by the European Union in 18 December 2006 and it covers the manufacturing and using of chemicals and their potential effects on human health and environmental damage.

This piece of legislation in particular looks at the continual use of chemicals of very high concern (SVHC) because of the possible causes that this could have on any area of the environment or harm that could be caused to humans.

All matting products that are clearly marked REACH compliant means that no chemicals under the SVHC listing have not been used in the manufacturing of these matting products.

So, you can always have peace of mind that any anti-fatigue matting products have been made properly and your colleagues or employees will be using the best product for the job and their health and well being is being taken into consideration at the same time.

A lot of effort has been put into ensuring these products are safe is not the only thing that’s considered, the anti-fatigue mats are also well developed and perform brilliantly giving the best performance and any of the chemicals that have been substituted to meet REACH compliance doesn’t mean that the matting products are inferior in any way.

These products are used all over the world in so many different applications, they’re very versatile and offer great and effective support in so many different scenarios and anti-fatigue matting has been scientifically proven to support users and significantly reduce fatigue 

This makes sure that anyone who uses these anti-fatigue products are much more effective at doing their job, that means less mistakes and your company runs smoothly.

Also, these mats are brilliant for softening any noises or vibrations that might happen in say an engineering or repair workshop area for example and if any tools or parts that are potentially expensive happen to be accidentally dropped the mat will act as a cushion and protect any of these items from any damage, nothing worse if an important part or a valued tool gets damaged and you have to re-order, which means the job takes even longer!!

So that’s several indirect positive attributes of investing in these products, there’s no good reason NOT to have these anti-fatigue matting products in your place of work.

These mats are available in long roll/runner lengths and also single mat versions, even large floor areas can be covered, there’s even a yellow edged option which promotes work safety and defines walkways, yet another great feature!!

We offer Free Samples on all our Anti-Fatigue matting products and a Next Day Delivery

And just to top it all off we also offer a nationwide project fitting services when cutting and positioning is needed to make sure everything is placed properly for effective usage.