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What is Anti-Fatigue matting?

Anti-Fatigue matting is by no means a new invention, it has been around for over 20 years, still it appears there are plenty of people who don’t know of its existence and just how effective it can be.

As early as 1987 a scientist did several tests and managed to see that anyone, particularly workers, would benefit significantly from standing on an anti-fatigue mat.

Ever since then they have been widely used in a range of scenarios from tattoo parlours and hairdressing salons to engineering workshops.

What are Anti Fatigue Mats made From?

Anti-fatigue mats are generally made from a range of different materials, depending on the application they are ideally intended for.

  • Rubber
  • PU
  • PVC
  • Anti Fatigue Foam

These materials can be molded and produced in different combinations which will ensure the perfect solution to suit different environments.

What is Anti-Fatigue matting?

Where Can You Use Anti Fatigue Matting?

What is Anti-Fatigue matting Commercial Kitchen

Anti fatigue mats are particularly useful whenever the task requires greater or intense concentration such as surgeons, tattoo artists or casino card tellers.

There are so many different options of anti-fatigue matting available to suit pretty much any industry you can think of, from animal fat resistant to spark resistant anti fatigue mats, there is something for everyone, to name a few applications:

  • Voice over artists
  • Casino card tellers
  • Bar staff
  • Coffee shop workers
  • Hotel/restaurant admin staff front of house
  • Engineering workshops
  • Veterinary surgeons
  • Surgeons
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Order fulfilment/ Goods out operators
  • Kitchen staff
  • Voice over artists & film/camera crew.

Can I Use Anti-Fatigue Mats With a Standing Desk?

Anti-Fatigue mats work extremely well with stand up desks, several of our recent clients have bought them for that very purpose and have found it makes a great difference and gives them the ability to stand and work for a lot longer without losing focus due to sore back, achy joints or foot pain.

Do Anti Fatigue Mats Really Work?

Everyone knows that pain in the feet, joints and back really starts to gnaw away at your ability to focus and will effect your ability to perform like you need to.

Especially if your shift is long and the task is monotonous then it stands to reason that anyone is going to get tired easier, add joint or back pain to that and your ability to focus will be severely reduced and as a result morale can be low from painful feet back and joints.

Anti fatigue matting is an investment.

It’s a powerful tool to use yourself and it will really help to increase your focus and efficiency.

Anti fatigue mat are also a great morale booster for your staff and it will be proof that you care about them resulting in a powerful effect on their levels of productivity.

The smallest things can have the greatest effect.

What is Anti-Fatigue matting Commercial Kitchen


Sound like just another gimmick?

Ongoing research with many kinds of industries and individuals revealed that there seems to be two classes of person.

  • (a) – people who have never heard of anti fatigue matting
  • (b) – people who have heard of it but have no idea what its for and just how effective it can really be.

We are doing a trial for anti-fatigue mats which consists of sending a mat to anyone who is interested and asking them to try it compared to the usual surface they would be standing on.

In literally every case they have reported that the difference it makes is enormous, and pain they have from standing has been eradicated and their ability to focus and work effectively for longer periods of time is drastically increased.

So, based on that, ask yourself:

  • Do your feet hurt when you take a break or finish work for the day?
  • Could you benefit from anti fatigue mats when you are working?

Why don’t you find out?

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your scenario, see which anti-fatigue mat would work for you.

Our team is always keen to help and will do their best to advise and answer any questions you might have.


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