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Why is Entrance Matting Vital In Your Workplace?

Everyone knows that dirt control at the entrance of any building is an ongoing concern and there’s a constant need to be correctly advised to find quality matting solutions which have been designed and manufactured with that end in mind.

Dirt and Moisture are the most common reasons for any dirt build-up in any work premises, not to mention any wet or slippery floors that could easily create a greater risk of slips and trips. This is where you need entrance matting that will help maintain the dirt build up in your premises.

How Do I Choose the Correct Entrance Matting?

Correct Sizing

Why is Entrance Matting Vital In Your Workplace?

Managing and caring for the state of your floors and is always a legitimate concern so you need to ensure you choose entrance matting that fits the space you’ve chosen properly.

This will allow the mat to carry out its dirt control function with maximum impact and this also ensures dirt and moisture on the floors further inside is kept to a minimum which means the working environment is safer.

Calculate Traffic Flow

On top of making sure the sizing is correct you need to think about what kind of foot traffic your entrance is typically subject to, there’s all different kinds of matting some is designed for heavy foot traffic areas and others for light traffic walking spaces, also take into consideration delivery carts or trolleys that may be passing over this area.

Weather Conditions

Wintry weather will obviously come with snow and rain which creates a lot of mud, grit and grime on a daily basis. It’s really important that you choose the correct entrance mats that can deal with these kind of weather situations. Depending on there your facility is located this can vary in importance. Always choose matting mindful of the typical climate in your area.

Choosing the Right Scraper Mats

The best way to get a proper result with entrance mats is to buy several so the dirt and moisture removal can be done in stages or if your budget does not extend to this then you can buy an entrance mat with scraper elements incorporated into the mat itself which will remove dirt from the shoes and

Entrance mats will work best when you use them in sync with the right sized scraper or wiper mats. Extra wiper mats will help trap loose soil on shoe bottoms. This will increase the life of the entrance mats.

The correct entrance matting should always be considered as a worthwhile investment. It will significantly reduce your cleaning budget as well as helping to avoid any possible litigation or legal action from any slips or trips that happen in your workplace, in an increasingly litigatious world the threat of this is becoming more common.

Having the correct entrance matting is a great way to offer a smart and professional look to anyone who may be entering your building and it leaves a great first impression, and you know what they say, the first impression is the one you remember.

There is also an option of having a logo jet printed onto your entrance mat this adds to the impact and promotes your brand image, this means your entrance matting is constantly acting as a marketing tool automatically, this proves how much of an investment the correct entrance matting really is.


When they are provided in roll format these entrance matting products can be fitted to the relevant area using a number of methods.

If the mat is being fitted into a matwell, once on site and delivered, often it will need to be cut to size using a knife and then glued or just dropped in place.

Some of our scraper mat rolls have an aluminium strip, you will need an angle grinder to cut and fit

Some of the products however are provided with a gripper rubber backing which means they can be laid directly onto the sub floor surface and this special backing will ensure they stay in place even when walked on so they can operate to full effect.

Loose lay mats will generally be provided with a rubber edging as standard, some of these mats also have a retro fitted edging option in either PVC or Aluminium depending on the area which the mat will be situated.